It was presented to Ms Luisa Beltran, Bride Of The World 2010 at the Bride Of The World 2012 Event in Macau by Dr Stavros Douvis, ex-Minister of Sports, Greece and Member of the International BOW Committee.

The BOW Peace Award is given to the previous year's winner of the title of Bride of the World in recognition of her efforts at promoting peace and harmony during her reign as the Bride of the World.  World peace begins in the home and woman as wife and mother plays an important role in ensuring that the home is a peaceful haven for the family. She is the main caregiver to her husband and children and her love and concern ensure their well being.

The modern woman is well-educated, intelligent, and interested in the affairs of society.  The natural attributes of a woman are gentleness, love and peace, and women will not look to war as a solution to world problems. In any war, women and children are the main sufferers as they are often left as widows and orphans. Women are thus natural ambassadors for peace.

In keeping with BOW in promoting the dignity of women, the introduction of the BOW Peace Award further enhances and highlights this very important aspect of peacekeeping as women's contribution in today's world.